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Your Resin Bound Specialist in Bristol and the Southwest

Resin Bound Specialist in BristolFirstly, as head of the company and Resin Bound Specialist in Bristol and the Southwest, I will call at your home and survey the area to be transformed. Secondly I will tell you the final price including Meterials labour and any skips, after which is a picture presentation of work done and answer any questions you may have.
The befits of a Resinbond drive, path or surface is that it is bonded to the top of existing concrete or tarmac transforming your drive or path quickly, mostly no longer than 2 days, leaving a long lasting, durable, permeable surface with UV protection to keep it looking A1.

Should you need to extend your drive we can install all the necessary groundworks. We have a vast knowledge in all aspects of installation built up over the past 12 years.



“Thanks to the guys at Resin-Bound for the great service”

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